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3GS - 3 Axis Gyro System (Dynam-Dctrum)) DY-20103GS - 3 Axis Gyro System (Dynam-Dctrum)) DY-2010
As supplied with the latest Dynam 450 FBL

This gyro has all the ccpm mixing and Tail mixing built in, providing your transmitter provides pitch will fit any transmitter. Also will take the Spektrum Satalite direct (you will need the lead).

Suitable for Helies, aeroplanes, multicopter.

Comes with USB uart to connect directly to your PC via usb port for programming
CD with control programme and leads to connect to receiver.

Suitable for 250-600 size helies

Flight Mode: F3C & F3D

Size: 37.6mm*25.3mm*13mm
Weight: approx 10g

Price: 25.99

Price: 4.99

QQ Super ControllerQQ Super Controller
3 axis gyros, requirng minimal set up.

1.Multi-rotor flight control.
2. Built-in three-axis gyroscope and three-axis acceleration sensor.
3. support for self-stabilizing, super stable flight performance.
4.Support the general receiver, FUTABA S.BUS receiver, DSM2, DSMX 11MS, DSMX 22MS receiver, simplifying connection installation more convenient, ultra-bright LED.

Note: ideal for the beginer into quadcopter, you do not need to programme. Also self stabilising means the quad will not tip more than 60% from the level axis. Please note the self leveling can not be switched off - use the KK controller if this is an issue.

Processor: 32BIT ARM
Voltage: 3.6V-8.4V
Current: 60mA
Output rate:360Hz
Dimension (L-W-H): 43 * 29 * 13MM
Product weight: 15g / 0.5oz
Package size: 11 * 9 * 2cm / 4.3 * 3.6 * 0.8in
Package weight: 41g / 1.4oz

Price: 10.99

KK Pro Flight ControllerKK Pro Flight Controller
3 axis gyros, requirng minimal set up.

The KK pro flight controller is a built-in precise digital gyroscope and acceleration sensor, suitable for maneuvering flight. Besides all standard PCM and 2.4G digital receiver, It also compatiblr with S.BUS DSM2 and DSMX satellite. It has the most convenient way to bind the model and adjust the senser that allows you more time to enjoy the flight.

This controller is great for beginners to medium experience who do not want to programme controllers.

Switch transfer, no need complex programe
Suitable for maneuvering flight
Support normal receiver,S.BUS receiver, DSM2, DSMX receiver
Simple installation and wiring

Processor: 8BIT CISC
Output rate: 330Hz
Voltage 3.6V-8.4V
Dimension(L-W-H): 43X29X13MM
Current: 30mA
Weight: 12g

Price: 10.99

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